Electric hands-free breast pump SHELLY, BabyOno

  • Electric hands-free breast pump SHELLY, BabyOno

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    Baby Ono
  • No tubes, no wires, no hands. Your reliable feeding assistant!

    Hands free - feel free.

    The innovative design of the breast pump will allow you to express milk and perform other activities at the same time.

    It is a unique and practical device - it extracts milk without using hands.

    At home, at work, on a walk.

    No electric breast pump has ever been so light and comfortable.

    Its weight is only 275g.

    Its compact dimensions mean it doesn't restrict movement and fits comfortably inside a nursing bra.

    A large and clear LCD screen will make it easier to control the operation of the device.

    You can choose from three working modes and 7 power levels.

    Thanks to the silent operation of the breast pump, you can express milk discreetly in all conditions.

    The sound intensity in the highest mode reaches only 45 dB.

    You can choose from two sizes of funnels.

    Choose the one that perfectly matches the shape of your breasts and will provide you with maximum comfort and convenience.

    Take it with you wherever you want.

    The integrated rechargeable battery will allow convenient use of the breast pump without connecting it to a power source.

    You can charge the device with universal USB chargers.

    The breast pump consists of only a few parts, so you can quickly and easily disassemble and clean the device.

    All elements of the breast pump are made of special material intended for contact with food.

    The soft funnel of the device will not irritate your skin.

    2 sizes 24 and 27 mm interchangeable silicone funnels.

    USB-C charging cable.

    Dimensions: 14 x 11.8 x 6.5 cm.

    Weight 275 g.

    Case capacity 150 ml.

    Battery capacity 1100 mAh.

    Working time with a fully charged battery: about 120 minutes. 

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