Momcozy Instant Heat Breast Warmers, 4 sc

  • Momcozy Instant Heat Breast Warmers, 4 sc

    Barcode: X003YO34C1
  • Effective Steam Hot Compress : Unlike traditional dry heat compress, the steam hot compress effectively penetrates deep into the skin through the transfer of condensed water, providing more effective heat relief for breast pain or clogged ducts.

    Instant Heating : No need to microwave or soak in hot water. Momcozy Steam Hot Compress Pads are ready to use with a simple tear of the package, saving the waiting time and skipping the complicated heating steps.
    Long-lasting Heat : The breast warmer could continue to generate heat for over 3 hours.It effectively alleviates breast clogs, promotes lactation, and tackles breastfeeding challenges. It's the best choice for breastfeeding moms.
    On the Go Hot : Each package contains four individually packaged steam hot compress pads, making it easy to carry and use wherever you go. It will be your trusty companions whenever you requires a warm compress.
    Safe Material: Our pads are made with certified materials that are free of BPA/BPS. The soft and skin-friendly design is specifically created for breastfeeding moms. It fits comfortably in your bra for direct use.  

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