Pregnant BOLA pendant 1802

  • Pregnant BOLA pendant 1802

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  • The BOLA ornament emits a sweet and harmonious melody through the sound of a mini xylophone. A special sound is heard when a woman walks or moves. This sound is also heard by the baby in the womb from around the 20th week.

    By wearing this pendant low on the belly, the baby will start to recognize this sound and will calm down when it hears it. The sounds of the pendant will calm the baby even after birth.

    Pregnancy BOLA comes from Mexican and Indonesian culture. According to legend, they have the power to attract the protection of guardian angels to mothers and their unborn babies. In some countries, BOLA is called the "voice of the elf".

    The BOLA pendant comes with an adjustable length black cord. You can replace it with a gold-plated or silver chain.

    BOLA is not only a piece of jewelry, but also a wonderful gift for pregnant women that you can give yourself or a friend who is expecting.

    This BOLA pendant is rhodium plated.


    BOLA Care: Store in a moisture-free room. The bathroom is too humid to store jewelry, it can oxidize quite quickly. You can use water and natural soap to clean your bola! 

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