Pregnancy support belt Gerda Air, Tonus Elast

  • Pregnancy support belt Gerda Air, Tonus Elast

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    Designed to reduce the load on the lower back and support the belly during pregnancy, it is also used after childbirth to restore abdominal muscle tone.

    The AIR series belt is made by using elastic perforated tape - a combination of intricate patterns and fine polyamide thread, which provides excellent ventilation properties that are important in hot weather.
Ensures hygroscopic properties or the ability to absorb and then evaporate moisture, reduces unpleasant sweating. After special final treatment, it provides high resistance to deformation and wear, despite the perforated structure. The back of the belt is specially reinforced, special reinforcing plastic inserts (splints) are also added, which provides comfort in the lumbosacral part of the back in the event of heavy load. Velcro fastener makes the fastening of the belt comfortable and individually adaptable to body characteristics within the limits of the size.

    Medical indications:

    • to prevent premature (pathological) sagging of the belly;
to reduce the load on the small pelvic organs and lower back;
for ensuring the physiologically correct position of the foetus;

    • for faster rehabilitation after injuries and surgical operations on the abdominal cavity;

    • to prevent the skin from stretching, tearing and risk of miscarriage;

    • to reduce the likelihood of complications during pregnancy and childbirth;

    • for the provision of maximum comfort during pregnancy 


    • Material:  Polyamide – 50%, elastan – 19.5%, polyester – 15%, cotton – 9.5%, foam polyurethane – 6%

    • We recommend washing by hand in a soap solution at a temperature of + 40 °C without the use of bleaches. Do not use chemical agents for cleaning. It is recommended to gently squeeze out the water without wringing and dry the product in a spread manner. Connect the Velcro fasteners on the parts before washing.

    • Color: white

    Size chart:

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