Portable white noise machine-lamp, Momcozy

  • Portable white noise machine-lamp, Momcozy

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  • 34 high-quality, carefully selected sounds (11 white noise sounds, 3 fan sounds, 8 lullabies and 12 nature sounds): from gentle white noise to nature sounds. Each sound is designed to envelop the baby in peace and make rest a pleasant experience. 40 ~ 110 dB operating range, allows you to choose the ideal background to drown out extraneous sounds and create a perfect environment for work, study, sleep or an excited baby.

    The smart light can be adjusted remotely via your phone, and can be turned on manually or with a gentle touch as needed. Control remotely with a free companion app. The device requires Wi-Fi (Please note that 2.4G network is required, 5G wifi is not compatible).

    It is not only a sound machine, but also a cozy guardian of your baby's dreams. The warm white light provides a soothing glow and creates a cozy atmosphere for your little one. Perfect for midnight feedings or careful checks without disturbing baby's sleep. The adjustable, gentle LED lamp ensures sufficient, but not too bright light in the bedroom, there are even 7 color light options.

    Every family has its own unique rhythm, and this machine adapts to it. Adjust brightness, color, white noise intensity and volume to precisely match the ambiance of your home. In addition, with automatic scheduling, the sounds and lights you choose can be easily coordinated with your family's sleep cycle.

    Charging - type C, works wirelessly, after charging - you can use it without plugging it into an electrical outlet, automatic shutdown timer - you can set the device to turn off for 30/60/90 minutes. 

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