Nipple Shields M/L, Chicco

  • Nipple Shields M/L, Chicco

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    • Nipple shields by Chicco are made of Ultra Soft Silicone, which gives the baby a Mum-like feeling. They protect the breasts, provide maximum skin-to-skin contact to the baby, and allow the mother to breastfeed longer.


    Product Features:


    • Allows Maximum skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby: The unique shape of the nipple shields ensures that the baby's nose and chin are in close contact with the mother's breast for a natural and comfortable breastfeeding experience.

    • Made of Ultra-soft and delicate Silicone- Adhere perfectly to the breast: Chicco skin to skin nipple shields are made of ultrasoft silicone material, which gives them a very fine texture. It makes them invisible, and the thinness lets the baby remain in contact with the mother's skin to perceive its warmth. They get their special "mother effect," soft and velvety, for a natural feeling during lactation- developing mother-baby bond.

    • Ensures natural latch & continuous milk flow: The oval shape of the teat favours the proper position of the mouth and a correct latch and attachment of the baby to the breast. The vertical cuts/ slits allow the milk to flow naturally and continuously, without any blockage or stagnations.

    • Convenient sterilization case: The Chicco skin-to-skin nipple shields can be sterilized directly in the sterilizing case in the microwave. It eliminates 99.9% of harmful domestic germs. Read the instructions for use carefully.