MEDELA bottle Calma 250 ml

  • MEDELA bottle Calma 250 ml

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    • The Medela bottle with a special Calma teat is one of the best alternatives for combining breast and bottle feeding.

    • The Calma pacifier simulates the process of breastfeeding - milk does not flow until a vacuum is created in the pacifier.

    • The baby regulates the intensity of drinking milk by himself, can stop, rest and start eating again.

    • Calma helps preserve the baby's nursing reflexes.

    • The pacifier has a large silicone nipple opening, the pacifier itself is soft, flexible and symmetrical - as close as possible to the natural shape of the breast.

    • It's easy to switch from the breast to this bottle and back again.

    • One size for the entire feeding period - to always correspond to breastfeeding.

    • Age : 0+.

    • Capacity: 250 ml. 

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