Maternity sweatshirt 3in1 Romee, Noppies

  • Maternity sweatshirt 3in1 Romee, Noppies

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    • The Noppies Maternity Essentials Romee cardigan is the ultimate sweater cardigan. This super soft cardigan comes with two inserts, allowing you to wear it three different ways. One insert to give your pregnant belly extra space and one insert with a hood, making sure your baby stays nice and warm and dry when you’re out and about with a baby carrier. It goes without saying you can also wear the cardigan without the insert. Fantastic for wearing whilst doing sports, enjoying a walk, or simply for relaxing on the sofa. Our Maternity Essentials are of the highest possible quality, allowing you to wear them during several pregnancies and/or possibly pass them on. These essentials will definitely also provide you with extra comfort during the (recovery) period after your pregnancy. 

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