Japoniškos sauskelnės kūdikiams Mulimi S 4-8kg, 56vnt.

  • Japoniškos sauskelnės kūdikiams Mulimi S 4-8kg, 56vnt.

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    • Safety, comfort and reliable protection are the main requirements for baby diapers in 2022. All of them are implemented with the help of modern technologies, new equipment, quality materials and the efforts of manufacturers.

    • Raw materials of vegetable origin are used for the production of non-woven fabric.

    • Weak (low) surface acidity. Recent changes in the production of diapers slightly increased the acidity of the surfaces - the pH of the diapers was adjusted to the pH of the baby's skin. This means that the surface of the diapers does not disturb the acid-alkaline balance of the baby's skin, and also prevents inflammation and irritation.

    • Protection against the development of bacterial flora.

    • Special 3D surface - minimal contact of the inner layer of diapers with the baby's skin.

    • Lightness - the diaper weighs only about 30 grams.

    • Incredibly thin - diapers are only 2 mm thick.

    • Size adapted for newborns - there is a hole at the belly button.

    • Elastic waist band - the diaper gently fits the baby's body.

    • Double elastic band around the legs - diapers prevent leakage without pressing the baby's legs.

    • Breathable material - the diapers are breathable so that they do not irritate the skin, so that it does not redden.

    • The special properties of the texture and layers of the diapers instantly distribute and absorb liquid.

    • Moisture retention system - the absorbent layer absorbs moisture and keeps it for up to 12 hours, but we recommend changing diapers much more often; 12 hours is the maximum time that moisture was continuously absorbed during the test.

    • Reliable humidity indicator.

    • The absorbent layer does not curl and does not stick, even if the child is very mobile.

    • Water vapor permeability is an important indicator that determines the permeability of a material to water vapor. According to experts, it is the vapor-permeable outer (bottom) layer that reduces the risk of skin irritation and rashes. The higher the permeability, the better, as it allows the child to avoid sweating and stay dry.

    • Manufactured using Japanese technologies, Japanese raw materials, Japanese machines. Made in China. 

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