Feeding pillow Sensillo velvet (forest animals) 60x40x11, (stuffing)

  • Feeding pillow Sensillo velvet (forest animals) 60x40x11, (stuffing)

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  • Feeding and pregnant multifunctional pillow for both mom and baby.

    During pregnancy, the pillow helps to get a good night's sleep on the left side (recommended by specialists), relaxes and significantly improves the future mother's functioning in the future.

    When you start breastfeeding, the pillow makes breastfeeding easier - it helps you to fit comfortably in the desired position and reduces back tension.

    The breastfeeding pillow can also be used as a safe and soft place to lay the baby safely.

    The baby lying down a little above is free to observe the environment.

    This breastfeeding pillow also has more functions - it facilitates the first attempts to sit down, helps to maintain balance and provides support. And most importantly, it facilitates the baby's daily care - prevents the baby from falling off the bed.

    Pillow dimensions: length / width 60 x  40 x 11 cm. 

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