Bra for breast pump. MEDELA EASY EXPRESSION

  • Bra for breast pump. MEDELA EASY EXPRESSION

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    Non padded
    Non wired
    • The new Medela Easy Expression bra is an innovative product that will make it easier for every mother to breastfeed naturally.

    • This is a bra that fits perfectly to your body and provides more comfort, for fixing the breast caps during milk withdrawal.

    • For this reason, you will be able to take off the milk and have your hands free at the same time.

    • The patented Adaptive-Stretch ™ technology allows you to adapt precisely to any body shape and provides exceptional comfort, fit and support.

    • Easy to take off and put on: a zipper at the front and a locking hook at the top, so you can fasten your bra quickly and easily.

    • Bras can be machine washed in a laundry basket using a gentle wash program.

    • You can put the bra directly on your body or on another breastfeeding bra. 

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