BIBS Try it pacifier set, size 1 Baby Blue

  • BIBS Try it pacifier set, size 1 Baby Blue

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    • The round pacifier is especially loved by children due to its special cherry shape.

    • The anatomically shaped pacifier is curved at the top to naturally fit the baby's palate, and the tip is angled to make it easy for the baby to place the tongue.

    • The symmetrical teat promotes the correct position of the tongue in the mouth when the tongue is pressed against the palate.

    • The product is made of natural organic rubber obtained from Hevea trees.

    • Especially easy.

    • Contains no diphenylolpropane (BPA) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

    • Contains no phthalates 0%.

    • The product complies with the European standard EN 1400.

    • Recommended age: 0-6 months. 

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